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January 19th, 2024
Episode 278

Can They Even Understand? - Preschoolers & Grief

When Sat Kaur Khalsa, MSW, was three, her older brother died in a drowning accident. After his death, he continued to disappear - his photos were taken down and no one talked about him. As she grew up read more...

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January 12th, 2024
Episode 277

Becoming Grief-Informed- Dr. Donna Schuurman & Dr. Monique Mitchell

What does it mean to be grief-informed? In 2020, Dr. Donna Schuurman, EdD, FT, and Dr. Monique Mitchell, PhD, FT, authored the paper, "Becoming Grief-Informed: A Call to Action," which outlines: what read more...

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January 5th, 2024
Episode 276

The Realities of Black Grief – Doneila McIntosh, M.Div., M.A.

The reality for Black individuals and families living in the U.S. is that death happens more often and earlier on than for their white counterparts. In the last two decades, these higher rates of mort read more...

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December 20th, 2023
Episode 275

You Have A Life Worth Rebuilding - Melissa Pierce & The Widow Squad

What started out as an average winter morning ended up being one that would change everything in Melissa Pierce's life. She went to wake up her husband Dave for their son's basketball game and found h read more...

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