Grief Resources

Dougy Center offers a wide range of resources for people of all ages who are grieving before and after a death. Find help you can access anytime below.

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Kid Resources

Activities and more to help kids ages 0–12 express their grief, as well as information on death and bereavement for supporters of kids who are grieving.

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Teen Resources

Videos, podcasts, and more for people ages 13–18 who are coping before and after a death, as well as tips and information for supporters of teens who are grieving.

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Young Adult Resources

Information for young adults who are grieving the death of someone significant (parent, sibling, friend, partner, spouse, other family member) in their lives to find connection and support.

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For Parents & Caregivers

Information, tips, and more resources for parents and caregivers who are supporting children and teens in their grief.

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Advanced Serious Illness

We offer several ways to support kids and families when a family member is living with an advanced serious illness.

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