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When you're grieving, everything can feel upside down. Sometimes it can help to talk, write, draw, or act out your feelings. Get some pencils, markers, or crayons and find a spot you feel comfortable. If you need help, want a hug/high-five, have questions, or just want to talk about it with someone, be sure to ask one of your adults!

Kids Like You

Find other kids who are grieving to talk to in Portland or around the world.

Portland Metro Area

Dougy Center helps kids and families who are grieving through peer support groups and sharing in a safe place.

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Worldwide Program Directory

Find one of the 500 programs using The Dougy Center Model worldwide near you.

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Youngest Grievers

Find activities, tips, and resources for supporting the youngest grievers, under the age of 5, thanks to a collaboration with KinderCare Education.

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