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Dougy Center is committed to providing grief support in a safe place where children, teens, young adults, and their families can share their experiences before and after a death. Our team of dedicated professionals enacts this mission every day with both heart and skill.

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Kassie Boehringer

Communications Manager


I am passionate about inspiring awareness and support for Dougy Center. With 30 years of experience in marketing and graphic design, I first began working at Dougy Center in 2009. In 2013, I left for new opportunities but found I couldn’t stay away. I returned as Communications Manager in 2018 and I am humbled to once again be part of this important work.

Photo staff Bill Cullerton

Bill Cullerton

Finance Manager


I am a Portland native and I've spent much of my career working in accounting for local nonprofits. I love being able to support the amazing mission of Dougy Center. On weekends you can find me on nearby hiking trails.

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Jana DeCristofaro, L.C.S.W.

Community Response Program Coordinator


When I walked through the doors of Dougy Center 20 years ago as a volunteer, it was the first time in my social work career that I felt like I was home. Eighteen years into my professional role here, every time I pedal my way to work, I'm grateful for the chance to make a difference by creating community and connection for those in grief. You can also catch me on the airwaves, practicing my radio voice as the host of our podcast, Grief Out Loud.

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Photo staff Rebecca Hobbs Lawrence

Rebecca Hobbs-Lawrence, M.A.

Pathways Program & Grief Services Coordinator


I have enjoyed supporting and working alongside many wonderful people over the past 20 years at Dougy Center. I like getting my hands messy both at home and at Dougy Center with art projects, culinary delights, and any endeavor that encourages others to express themselves.

Emily Web

Emily Johnson

Bookstore Coordinator


I first became a part of the Dougy Center community as a volunteer children’s facilitator. Now on staff coordinating our online bookstore, I ship our grief-related publications all over the United States and abroad. It is a wonderful reminder to me of how our work here supports children, families, educators and health care professionals far beyond our immediate community. Outside of Dougy Center, you might see me walking in the woods or scribbling away on an assignment for a current class.

Photo staff Sat Kaur Khalsa

Sat Kaur Khalsa, M.S.W.

Family Services Coordinator


As a young child, I experienced the death of a sibling long before folks understood the impact of childhood grief. It completely altered my life and perspective and absolutely informed my choice to become a social worker. Imagine my joy when I moved to Portland and found out about Dougy Center from a booklet on a new friend's coffee table! The next day I called to sign up for volunteer training with a plan to one day become staff. The plan became reality 1.5 years later and now 10 years in I am one of the Family Coordinators. I am honored to help families navigate their peer support journey from orientation and group placement to running 6 groups and answering emails. Working at Dougy Center feels like a full-circle moment for me. Outside of work, I find joy in my family (both human and canine), the spectacular nature of the PNW, and baking!

Photo staff Alysha Lacey

Alysha Lacey, L.P.C., A.T.R.

Program Director


I've worked in the nonprofit world for most of my career, but at Dougy Center, I feel the most at home. My role is the perfect mix of supporting people, creativity, and administration. My schedule and job tasks are wildly different every day, which I really love. Outside of work, I spend as much time as I can on the beaches and mountains of the PNW with my family or exploring new routes to run.

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Photo staff Linda Miles

Linda Miles, M.B.A.

Development Manager


There is nothing that brings me joy like connecting passionate donors with ways to make a difference for grieving kids. I’ve worked in fundraising for more than 20 years and Dougy Center’s mission is near and dear to my heart. Fun fact about me: my undergraduate degree is in theatre arts.

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Monique Mitchell, Ph.D., F.T.

Director of Training & Translational Research


El español es como música para mi alma y siempre estaré agradecido por cómo el idioma me consuela. In addition to my love for languages ​​and globetrotting, considering how to best support children who are grieving is where I invest most of my time. While my own losses have compelled me into the depths of grief, I place my greatest value on what I have learned from the children I serve. I am grateful to work at Dougy Center where I provide grief education and training about children’s grief, advocate for systems change for children who are grieving a death and non-death losses, and discuss the importance of becoming grief-informed.

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Photo staff Lin Parkison

Lin Parkison

Donor Relations Associate


In 2008 I found my calling in the nonprofit world on the development/fundraising side, and in 2013 I joined the development team at Dougy Center! As the Donor Relations Associate, I love finding creative ways to show our donors how much we appreciate them, how vital their support is, and the life-changing impact their support has on children and families who are grieving. As a proud mom and grandmom to 3 littles, I am grateful every day that Dougy Center is here for families and grateful to be a part of this amazing team.

Photo staff Crystal

Crystal Perry, M.S.

Development Systems Associate


My love and passion for Dougy Center has been burning since I attended a peer-support group here as a child in 1994, and working at Dougy Center for the past two years has been an absolute dream. You’ll find me managing our database system, processing gifts we receive from our supporters, and thanking our supporters for their generosity. Outside of Dougy Center, I am energized by and find joy in hiking, singing, meditating, and spending quality time with those I love.

Photo staff Cheryl Roberts

Cheryl Roberts

Program Assistant


You will see me at the front desk to welcome you to our home in Southeast Portland, but I first came to Dougy Center over 30 years ago with my daughter when my husband died. I began as a volunteer facilitator in 1995 and joined the staff in 2007. When I am not welcoming people to the Dougy Center and connecting them with our groups and resources, I am probably enjoying the outdoors.

Photo staff Donna Schuurman

Donna Schuurman, Ed.D., F.T

Senior Director of Advocacy & Training

Executive Director Emeritus

I’ve had no deeper life privilege than serving children, teens, and families at Dougy Center, from 1986 when I first started volunteering, through 25 years as Executive Director, and in my current role writing, training, and advocating on their behalf. Dealing with death has deepened my appreciation for life. My soul is fed through travel, reading, kayaking, riding my Harley-Davidson, camping, hiking, skiing, hanging out with friends, and all things outdoors.

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Photo staff Kate Sherwood

Kate Sherwood, L.C.S.W.

Family Services Coordinator


In 2018, it took a place as special as Dougy Center to get me to move away from the Bay Area, where I was born and raised. After a decade working as a school social worker, I saw firsthand how vital it is for schools to be grief informed, whether in the classroom or out on the playground. As one of the Family Services Coordinators, I love working with kids and teens at Dougy Center and am humbled by how they support one another, whether it is talking together in an opening circle or playing in one of our expression rooms. When I'm not at Dougy Center, I love kayaking, playing in the ocean, eating oysters, and traveling with family and friends.

Photo staff Rebecca Sturges

Rebecca Sturges

Special Events & Corporate Partnerships


As a native Oregonian, I’ve grown up exploring the great outdoors and love the majestic beauty of Oregon from the coast to the mountains! I am passionate about planning fundraising events for the Dougy Center and enjoy finding creative ways to share our incredible mission with others.

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Valenca Valenzuela, M.S.W.

Volunteer & Group Coordinator


Throughout my childhood, I experienced several significant losses, including the death of my father. This profoundly changed me and was the catalyst for my social work career. When I found Dougy Center, I knew I wanted to be a part of its important mission. I have had the great honor of serving Dougy Center families as a volunteer facilitator since 2009. I am beyond grateful to now be the Volunteer & Group Coordinator, where I get to still assist the families, as well as help the fantastic volunteers that are an integral part of our grief support mission. Serving the families at Dougy Center feeds my soul, along with time spent in nature, camping, beach combing, gardening, traveling, doing art, and spending time with my beautiful children.

Photo staff Brennan Wood The Dougy Center

Brennan C. Wood

Executive Director


It is truly an honor to work alongside the tremendous Team Dougy — our dedicated staff, volunteers, and Board of Directors — to support children and families who are grieving. As a past Dougy Center participant, volunteer facilitator, and current Dougy Center parent, it is my life’s work and passion to further this critical mission. Outside of work, my time is spent with family and friends honoring my mother’s legacy of making every day a celebration.

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