It's Okay That It's Not The Same - Grief At The Holidays

Dec 1st, 2023 | Episode 272

It's our fifth annual holidays & grief episode! This time of year can be grueling for anyone, but particularly for those who are grieving. So, each year we put out an episode to help you feel less alone and hopefully more equipped to traverse the next few weeks. Today's guest, Melissa Peede Thompson, M.S., is a Grief Services Coordinator at Dougy Center. While she has lots of professional knowledge in this realm, we asked her to talk about her personal experience of grieving during the holidays. Melissa was six when her sister died of gun violence. She was 13 when her father died in a motorcycle accident. And she was a young adult when her grandparents died. Each loss shaped - and continues to shape - how Melissa and her family approach this time of year.

We discuss:

  • How her sister's death impacted her parents at the holidays
  • What she remembers about the first Christmas after her dad died
  • Grieving for her her grandparents before they died
  • How the holidays can feel empty, even when the house is full
  • Melissa's realization that grief has left her a little bit "Grinchy"
  • What she's doing to shift how she thinks and feels about the holidays
  • Learning to appreciate being able to spend time with the people who are still alive
  • Why St. Patrick's Day became her favorite holiday
  • Taking the pressure off trying to make the holidays feel the same after someone dies

If you missed our past Holidays & Grief episodes, be sure to listen to Ep. 27, 98, 174, 240.

Tips For Getting Through the Holidays & Holiday Plan Worksheet.

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