Youngest Grievers: People who like me (older children)

People who like me younger children 1

We all feel lonely sometimes. Think of the people in your life who care about and value you. These can be people at school, home, or in your community. On this sheet you can draw pictures of each person you can think of or you can just write their name.

What's something they've said or done that lets you know they like and value you?

What's a special time you've spent together?

What would you say to them if they were here right now?

For Teachers and Caregivers:

Grief can feel really lonely. This activity helps children remember there are people who care about them. Invite children to draw pictures of people who like them. They can draw as many people as they want. Here are some potential follow-up questions to expand the conversation with them: "How often do you get to spend time with each of these people?" "How do you feel when you're around them?" "What do you like and value about them?"

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