Huddle or Hoopla Game

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How to Play: In two separate stacks, place Huddle or Hoopla cards face down in the center of the playing circle. One player volunteers to go first. They pick either a Huddle card, which will ask them a question to answer honestly, or a Hoopla card, which will instruct them on an action to carry out in front of the group.

Play continues around the circle with each player drawing one new card from either stack. If a blank card is drawn, the player selects another participant to make up a Huddle question or a Hoopla action that the player who drew the blank card must then complete.

If the player drawing the card gets a card they do not want, they can draw another card. Younger children can ask for support from someone in the group to complete the card request. All guidelines can be modified before the game begins in any way the group agrees.

Download the Huddle or Hoopla Cards here and print 2-sided if possible. Cut into individual cards.

Download Huddle or Hoopla Cards