A safe haven in the midst of grief

Kristi 3

Kristi Bacon Trad and her nine-year-old daughter, Raina, started coming to Dougy Center after the death of their husband and father, Walid.

“He was the most amazing father,” shared Kristi. “He used to say, ‘all I need is my family, I love my family.’ He loved Raina with every fiber of his being. His love of learning was fostered in Raina at a very early age. They are both alike inside and out. I see Raina in him, like a carbon copy.”

Kristi learned about Dougy Center through hospice before Walid’s death. Since then, Dougy Center has provided a safe and healing environment where Raina and Kristi can get support and be with other kids and adults who have gone through similar situations.

“Raina loves knowing there are other people who have lost a parent,” explained Kristi. “She’s not alone. She loves the support, community, and meeting new friends.”

At Dougy Center, Raina especially loves playing in the Littles room and the hospital room.

While Raina gets the support she needs with other kids in her peer support group, Kristi is also thankful for the role Dougy Center has played as she navigates her own grief journey. “I have met many friends and fellow men and women in the same situation...so comforting to have others who get it!”

In the parent/caregivers group, Kristi hears from other adults about their struggles, strengths, and ideas on solo parenting and she values the connections that she’s made.

“I would say anyone in our situation needs to know of the support and healing offered at no cost. Dougy Center’s program can be invaluable to everyone who attends. Losing a parent/spouse is one of the most devastating things and Dougy Center provides a haven of love, compassion, and support!”

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