The Bill of Rights for Youth in Foster Care Who are Grieving

Bill of Rights for Teens who are grieving LYGHT web

As youth in foster care who are grieving, we have the right to:

  • Know the truth about the separation, the person and/or people from whom we’ve been separated, and the circumstances surrounding the loss.
  • Ask questions and have them answered honestly.
  • Be heard and listened to without receiving unsolicited advice.
  • Be silent and not share our thoughts and emotions out loud.
  • Disagree with your perceptions and conclusions.
  • See the people who we’ve been separated from, if we choose to and if we’re legally allowed to do so.
  • Grieve in our own ways — without hurting ourselves or others.
  • Feel all the feelings and to think all the thoughts of our own unique grief.
  • Not have the “Stages of Grief” imposed on us. This material is inaccurate and outdated.
  • Be angry at being separated from people we care about; the people we’ve been separated from; ourselves; and others.
  • Disagree with people who are insensitive, especially those who use everyday expressions to talk about our unique grief.
  • Have our own beliefs about family and separation.
  • Be involved in the decisions about our visits with family and friends.

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