Good Housekeeping: How to Help Kids Deal With the Death of a Favorite Celebrity

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Dougy Center's Jana DeCristofaro discusses helping kids and teens grieving the death of a celebrity in this Good Housekeeping article by Tamekia Reece.

For a long time, my 15-year-old son, Darren, has declared that MF DOOM is his favorite rapper (the MF stands for Metal Face, a reference to the mask he wears). He has all of the MF DOOM albums and hung posters of the artist in his room. Darren’s Instagram name is even a play off of MF DOOM. My son has gone on and on about the many reasons he likes the artist and his music: MF DOOM reads the dictionary and the rapper taught him about obscure things like Eyjafjallajökull (a volcano in Iceland — I had to look that one up). MF DOOM’s songs even introduced him to music from the 1970s. In many ways, he’s been a positive celebrity role model for my son.

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