It's A Loss That's Hard To Talk About - Grieving A Friend

Mar 15th, 2024 | Episode 283

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Whenever Annette & Mel connect, there's always a third person in the mix. That third person is Amy, their friend and chosen family member who died in 2012 of pulmonary fibrosis. While they each had a unique friendship with her, both connections were formative and deep. When Amy died, Annette and Mel's friendship grew stronger, because of their shared grief.

This episode is part of a series focused on grieving the death of a friend. As much as we decry there being a hierarchy of grief, most people still assume the death of a family member is harder than the death of a friend. In reality though, the death of a friend or chosen family member can be absolutely devastating, in ways that catch us, and others, off guard.

We discuss:

  • Amy's magnetic personality - and what she meant to each of them
  • What they both learned from being friends with her
  • The different friendships Mel & Annette had with Amy, while still being part of the same circle
  • How Annette & Mel got closer through Amy's illness and death
  • Witnessing Amy's rapid deterioration
  • How she tried to have end of life conversations with both of them
  • When they each realized that Amy was going to die
  • What grief has been like for both of them
  • Annette being diagnosed with the same illness that Amy had
  • The "Amy objects" they keep close
  • Navigating new relationships with people who never met Amy

Learn more about Annette Leonard and listen to her podcast, Chronic Wellness.

Ep 283 GOL

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