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Where do I find resources and information?

Search for free information, books, tips, and activities we created for grieving pre-school and school-aged children and teens and for supporters of grievers.


How will we know when we’re done with the group?

If you need help deciding if your family is ready to close from your group, our Group Coordinators are happy to provide some guidance to assist with that decision.

Similar to how we recommend that adults and children/teens discuss whether they want to start a group at Dougy Center, we also suggest adults and children/teens make a shared decision about when they are ready to end your time at Dougy Center.

How frequently do groups meet? How long is a group session?

Groups meet for 1.5 hours every other week (biweekly) on an ongoing basis.

Do we tell you when we’re done with the group?

When you are ready to close from your group, we ask that you let your Group Coordinator know so that we can plan a closing ritual for you (if you’d prefer to skip a closing ritual that’s ok too).