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Does everyone in the family have to participate?

Dougy Center’s mission is to provide peer support to children and teens who have a family member living with an advanced serious illness or are grieving a death, therefore a child or teen must be participating for the adults in the family to attend groups. The Pathways Coordinator can help direct you to other resources if your child(ren) choose not to participate. Adult groups at Dougy Center are optional, however most adults find the group supportive and helpful. Adults who choose not to participate must remain onsite for liability, medical, and safety reasons.

What does Dougy Center charge for the Pathways peer support group?

The Pathways program is provided at no cost to your family. We are committed to providing services without any additional financial burden to families.

What happens in a Pathways peer support group?

Groups for children and teens involve discussion, play, and activities where they can share with peers who are having similar experiences and learn tools for coping within a supportive environment. Adult groups offer facilitated conversations about living with an advanced serious illness themselves or within their family. Through playing, talking, and listening, your family will find understanding, connection, and community.

Does Dougy Center offer the Pathways group in Spanish?

The Pathways group is not available in a Spanish speaking format at this time. Program staff who speak Spanish are available for questions and there are resources available in Spanish for before and after a death here. Please contact Dougy Center at 503-775-5683 for more information.