First Tech Federal Credit Union funds new resource for families facing advanced serious illness

Family ties image for web

When a loved one is diagnosed with an advanced serious illness, everyone is affected. Life is changing in every way, the future is uncertain, and everything can feel overwhelming. For children, teens, and adults, it can seem like you’re trapped in a maze.

Family Ties, a new resource for when a family member is facing an advanced serious illness, was developed by Dougy Center staff through our Pathways program. With activities, games, and practical information, Family Ties can help you strengthen relationships, spark meaningful conversations, create lasting memories, and have fun too!

Made possible by a generous grant from First Tech Federal Credit Union, the Family Ties kit includes:

● An activity journal for kids and teens
● An adult guidebook with activities for families
● A Huddle or Hoopla game

● Heart Note cards

First Tech Federal Credit Union directs dollars and time to organizations like Dougy Center that provide programs and services for children and families, ensuring that children have the tools they need to learn, be healthy, and succeed. Thank you, First Tech Federal Credit Union for partnering with Dougy Center on this important toolkit for families!

Find more information about our Pathways program here.

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