Dougy Center partners with Sesame Street on new grief resources for families

Cristina b

In an effort to support parents and caregivers of young children who are grieving, Sesame Street Workshop recently released new interactive resources for adults in English and Spanish. We're thrilled to share that the new online toolkit features Dougy Center’s Director of Equity & Community Outreach, Cristina Chipriano, L.C.S.W., who provides information and tips on how caregivers can support preschoolers and provide selfcare for themselves. You can find the entire resource here.

Last November, Sesame Street Workshop also launched a toolkit for children, featuring videos, activities, and more. All resources are free and available here.

Dougy Center has worked with Sesame Street Workshop since 2010 on resources relating to children, families, and grief. These new toolkits, funded by the New York Life Foundation, will help children and the adults who care for them learn ways to manage the emotions and changes that come with grief after someone dies. They are designed to provide comfort to children experiencing grief, information on different ways grief is expressed, and ways families can cope with and communicate about grief.

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