Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

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Why do I have to be in Oregon to purchase a ticket?

Oregon Department of Justice gaming laws require ticket purchasers to physically be in the state to purchase raffle ticket. You DO NOT need to be an Oregon resident. You simply have to be within the state at the time of purchase, and will be required to indicate as such on the paperwork should you win.

How do I purchase a Porsche Boxster Raffle ticket?

Tickets are on sale each year usually from November until they sell out or until the drawing. The winning ticket is drawn during Reflection — our annual Benefit & Auction in May. When tickets are available, you can find a link to purchase them on our events page here.

Can I buy a ticket as a gift for or on behalf of someone else?

Yes! To purchase an entry for someone else, simply use their name and contact information when completing your purchase.

How can I get a copy of my ticket?

It is not required that you have any portion of your ticket(s) or ticket numbers in your possession. Due to federal postal regulations and the Oregon Department of Justice gaming laws, we are not able to mail raffle tickets. However, if you would like a scanned copy of your raffle ticket(s) e-mailed to you, please send a request to, and allow 10 business days for processing.