Smooth Stone Circle

Make an ongoing impact.

Members of the Smooth Stone Circle join a large community of individuals who are dedicated to our mission to provide a safe space for children and families who are grieving before and after a death.

The Smooth Stone Circle provides ongoing support in the form of recurring donations to Dougy Center.

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In recognition of your sustaining contribution, Smooth Circle Members will receive:

  • Invitations to exclusive Dougy Center events

  • Annual Impact Reports

  • Opportunities to tour our home

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Help Smooth the Rough Spots

Dougy Center’s Smooth Stone Circle is named after the smooth stones a child receives when they decide to close from their grief group. The stones symbolize the rough edges of their grief that have smoothed out through their time at Dougy Center. The smooth stones are given with a rough rock that represents the grief that they will always carry with them.

Your recurring gift will ensure that Dougy Center continues to be there for children and families who are grieving.