Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

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How soon after death can I join a group?

Some people are ready for grief support immediately after the death and others wait.

Our groups are ongoing and you can attend for as long as you need. You are welcome to call us at 503.775.5683 at any time.

Who Uses Your Peer Grief Support Groups?

Dougy Center peer grief support groups are open to children, teens, families, and young adults who are grieving. There are no fees for groups.

A family services coordinator will assist you to find a group most appropriate for your needs. Please call our main line at 503.775.5683.

*Please note that while we require that an adult be on site while children/teens are in a group, they are not required to participate in the adult support groups.

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Who can join a Dougy Center group?

Children and teens ages 3-18 who have experienced the death of a parent, caregiver, or sibling and their parent or adult caregiver. Young adults ages 19-40 who have experienced the death of someone in their lives. Families who have a family member living with an advanced serious illness.

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How do we join a group? Is there a waiting list?

An orientation for child and adult care provider and paperwork are required and indicate to us that you are ready. Our Family Services Coordinators work with you to place you in a group that fits your needs and your schedule and matches where we have openings. Although we often have a waitlist, we do our best to minimize delays in accessing support as well as providing resources while families are waiting.

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