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Frequently Asked Questions

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What do you offer for a young adult who has a family member living with an advanced serious illness?

A Pathways young adult support group is not available at this time. Young adults who have a family member living with an advanced serious illness are invited to attend the adult caregiver group. Contact the Pathways Coordinator at 503-775-5683 or to determine if Pathways could be a possible support for you.

Does Dougy Center have additional Pathways resources?

Yes, the Pathways Coordinator has additional resources that your family may find helpful. Some of these resources can be found here. As Dougy Center offers peer support groups, but not counseling services, referrals to therapists specializing in support through serious illness are available upon request.

Do families transition after the death to a bereavement group?

Families are invited to attend one more Pathways group after the death to share and say goodbye to their peers. Information regarding the bereavement groups will be sent to a family after closing from Pathways. Families then decide when they are ready to participate in a bereavement group.

What does Dougy Center charge for the Pathways peer support group?

The Pathways program is provided at no cost to your family. We are committed to providing services without any additional financial burden to families.