Support Grieving Families like the Coopers

Tammy Cooper, Maddy and Kate, 9-year-old twins, and Charlie, their 7-year-old sister, have come to rely on The Dougy Center as a safe place after their father, Kerry, died suddenly of a massive stroke brought on by a brain aneurysm.

Tammy learned about The Dougy Center in the way that many families do. First the hospital staff, then friends and acquaintances, then coworkers recommended she call The Dougy Center.

“Before we started at The Dougy Center, the girls were the ‘odd kids out’ at our small school – the kids whose Dad had died. Maddy would sit on the bench during recess and not want to play or interact with any of her friends. I think if she (and the other girls) had been attending The Dougy Center earlier after Kerry died, they would have learned sooner that there are other kids with similar situations….that is it OK to miss their Dad and be sad, but it is also OK to play and laugh.”

“I like to be around other kids who understand,” says Maddy. “Because at school they might not understand because they haven’t had a parent die.”

Maddy, Kate and Charlie attend Grief Support Groups with children their own age who have had a parent die too. They love to make art and play with the other kids. The twin girls even chose to come to their Dougy Center group on their birthday!

“We really don’t like to miss Dougy Center days!” says Maddy.

Feeling understood is one of the most impactful benefits that your contribution to The Dougy Center is providing to grieving kids. Your generous gift today will directly support our Grief Support Group programs. You can help The Dougy Center provide shorter waiting periods, additional support groups and more outreach to the community. No child is the “odd kid out” at The Dougy Center

Because the death of a family member almost always brings financial instability, The Dougy Center never charges a fee for our services. It costs about $1,500 for one child to participate in our program for one year and we rely on the generosity of people like you to continue this important mission.

Your support can truly make a difference. Please give generously today.

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A gift of $125 sponsors a child for one month. A gift of $1,500 sponsors a child for an entire year. Any gift amount will help our families and is deeply appreciated. You can also make your donation by calling (503) 775-5683.

Thank you for your support of The Dougy Center. 

If you would like your gift to be in memory of someone, please include their name when filling out the online donation form, or let us know when you call. We will gladly send a note of your memorial contribution to their family if you include a name and address.